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Gdynia UFO Crash (1959)


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Gdynia UFO Crash (1959)

Message par yan_volskee le Mar 16 Fév - 16:13

Gdynia alleged UFO crash is one of the most famous Polish UFO sightings. It took place on 21st January 1959. In the early morning the workers of Gdynia port witnessed a strance occurence seeing some kind of object that plunged in the water.

- I was then 30 year old - said one of the witnesses. Suddenly all around became bright and some flaming object fall into the water. It was in dimension of a 200 liter barrel.

It seems that the mysterious occurence indeed took place but what the object was in fact remained a mystery for following years. Anyway many people tried to add "new facts" do Gdynia crash. In one of the non-Polish books about UFOs appeared a strange tale of coastguards that found on the beach body of alleged alien several days after the crash. The being was allegedly conscious but then was taken to military facility when it fall in coma after taking from its arm a mysterious "band". Unfortunately this fantastic story has no basics and it is one of the legends about Gdynia. This tale also says that the fate of the alleged 6-fingered alien is unknown but it was surely transported to Soviet Union.

Another one legend says that after the crash a strange disc was hovered in the sky about Gdynia for some time (allegedly seeking the contact with crashed companion). Other tales say about army personell trying to get it out from the bottom. The object was allegedly captured but the military was afraid that it is a barrel with toxic gas from WWII.

Gdynia UFO crash was for some a "Polish Roswell" but 50 years after it most of ufologist think that it was in fact some kind of soviet military appliances that failed and crashed in the seas. But no one can be sure what it was in reality.

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