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Un ancien livre hanté

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Un ancien livre hanté Empty Un ancien livre hanté

Message par Schattenjäger le Ven 26 Juin - 19:52

Un ancien livre hanté Old-Haunted-Book

Old Haunted Book

I believe that I have come across a real strange book this time. It is dated 1727, and has 609 pages numbered 1 through 1218. I believe it to be a nature book of some kind, but it appears that it also relates to the Bible in some way or another. Pages from the book are wood block printed. It has etchings that are fabulous yet strange (i.e. compass, printing press, moths, weather patterns, seasons of the year to who knows what). The book is written in Old German by Johannem Arndt.

Other than looking like it came out of a 300-year-old graveyard, I believe the thing is haunted. I am always seeing different etchings come and go from the book. Likewise, I am always spotting new etchings that I have never seen before. And no I don't change them myself. As I am writing this letter, I have discovered two new ones.

I have owned the book for ten years and keep it in a ziploc bag. This book has always seemed kind of weird to me. I can't tell you how many different etchings I have seen. Also, the font size of the text in the book changes. Sometimes you can see up to three or four changes in fonts at different times in different sections. Maybe this was typical for a book of that era. That's all I know about it, except people who read German cannot read this book. It is written in an outdated version of the language. It also contains many symbols or hidden codes.

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