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Alien autopsy in ex Yugoslavia was fake (interview) (1966)


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Alien autopsy in ex Yugoslavia was fake (interview) (1966) Empty Alien autopsy in ex Yugoslavia was fake (interview) (1966)

Message par HAPPcroatia le Ven 19 Fév - 23:09


Doctors who are mentioned in the story are fictitious and no one could find them in the phonebook, not even those who had access to military directories. Their names are variations of Italian family names from the author, custom that sounds like they are from Jugoslavian region.

Author is 42 years old Andrea Zoboli and he is a member of sceptical group CICAP. Whole case was a test to see can he make a fake obduction like an obduction of Ray Santili.

Ray Santili video:

Besides the famous photographs there is a film that supposedly can be found on Youtube-in, but I can`t find it. So-called pathologists doing obduction were Andrea and his family.

Part of interview with Andrea Zoboli:

GM = Giuliano Marinkovic
AZ = Andrea Zoboli

GM: Have you ever worked in the film industry? And do you have experience with special effects?

AZ: Yes. When I was 18 years old I had a chance to visit the scene in the film "Demon II." I contacted the man for special effects Sergio Stivalettija. He told me that I can come to Rome. I spent several days there and I had a chance to see film production and special effects. But after that I didn`t continued in that direction.

GM: When you for the first time got an idea to create artificial alien creature? Were you at that time aware of false movie Raya Santillija about alien autopsy? Was that a kind of inspiration for you?

AZ: Yes. In 1999 CICAP spent competition in which sought a reconstruction of paranormal phenomenons. I tried with the alien autopsy. I was interested to much more than the rigging attempts photos of spirits and similar phenomena. That obviously inspired me. When I saw the movie of Santilli, it was clear to me that the film is faked. There were two suspected factors. You can not see the pathologists` face. Extraterrestrial corpse was too rigid and stiff.

GM: What were the techniques in creating the autopsy? How many people were involved? How long it all lasted and how much the entire project cost?

AZ: Techniques encourage the era of special effects when computers and CGI (computer generated images) were not used yet. So we talk about using latex and mold. I made the alien corpse for the month. Each section I made of clay - head, arms and torso. All of this I have indicated in the plaster, and I fulfilled that model latex. Shell I made of polyurethane. I filled the body with the innards of animals. You can imagine what it is the smell was, but it was worth it. The whole project cost about 200 euros in today's values. Helped me a wife, son-in-law, sister and nephew on the scene. All we recorded in single day in the my friend`s studio .

GM: Otočec is mentioned place od UFO crash.. Did you really mean to place Otočec in Slovenia or have simply devised a name? Why did you choose the former Yugoslavia as the location of accident and the autopsy? Who came up the names of people who were involved in this false incident?

AZ: I think that this is a real place. My son-in-law has traveled a lot and seen a lot of countries. That's why I think that is real place. He chose. Yugoslavia as a place UFO accident. In America, was the date Santilli. We have chosen Yugoslavia because it represents something strange and intangible. The names are created by our real names that are slightly modified to sound Yugoslav.

GM: A story definitely had an impact here so that it was a successful experiment. However, I think that the researchers could conclude that the story has no useful trace and data can be verified. It is obvious that was an anonymous article from the Internet. However, in certain parts of Paranormal community, people even today discussing this.

AZ: Past 10 years than that. I`m proud myself in such a success.

Thanks to Giuliano Marinkovic


In November 1966 in the country close to a small village called Otocek of the former Yugoslavian Federation, a flying object crashed and an extraterrestrial being was extracted.

The event was soon put under silence, pretending the crash was the result of an highly secret military test. The body, partially burned, was said to be the one of a pilot of the Air Force. They said it was deformed by flames and heat. The darkness of the night helped the military authorities to pass this thesis as believable.

The extraterrestrial being was immediately taken to Belgrade, with an ambulance of the Army, and in the Capital it was assigned to a Military Hospital. In a few hours, some of the most important scientists of Yugoslavia started to examine the corpse.

Among the scientists, three were the doctors that led the autopsy: the surgeon Andrej Zobol and the two pathologists Nikola Jullic and Zoran Frederic. The three were employees of the Government. The photographs I have sent you show some of the most significant moments of the autopsy.

In 1999 the pictures were passed secretly to the author by the nephew of one of the doctors, that is living now in Slovenia, very close to the Italian border. In 1966 neither the USA nor the USSR knew of this event thanks to the fact that Yugoslavia was a Socialist Country, but it was not aligned and it was neutral, far from the frictions of the Cold war.

Photos are in the video (not my video):