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Light Being


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Light Being

Message par Schattenjäger le Lun 22 Déc - 17:43

Since August of 2007, we have been cataloging photographs and videos, and have been absolutely compelled to get out and capture this phenomenon since last August in all weather conditions because of its incredible nature. We photographed this Light Being in my front yard over a year ago (11/7/07)--, along with many other spirit and unexplained phenomena.

The images appear in various shapes and sizes, and also seem to be making what look like “Aerial Crop Circles”. We have spoken with many individuals in the paranormal field and they feel these are related to the changes in the earth's atmosphere and more photonic energy entering our planet. We can feel their presence and believe they are “Benevolent Spirits” here to help our planet at a time in history where it is desperately needed.

Many of the images appear to be very Mayan looking in their appearance which leads me to believe, did the Mayan civilization really have it right? Will the year 2012 be what so many are now predicting, as the Mayan Civilization previously did? The patterns of “Sacred Geometry” are absolutely incredible. We would welcome any information or possible interpretation for study to see if these beings could be sending messages for humanity at a time where help is so badly needed in the world.

Linda & Larry

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Re: Light Being

Message par alpacks le Lun 22 Déc - 18:18

c'est le retour du ptit lutin mais over too flashy de noël ? What a Face
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