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Lumiéres dans la chambre d'un bébé (Anglais)

Robot U&P
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Lumiéres dans la chambre d'un bébé (Anglais)

Message par Robot U&P le Lun 6 Sep 2010 - 20:46

Placing a video camera in a baby's room is a common practice these days. But one Dallas couple picked up something very uncommon on their "nanny-cam" -- something they think might be paranormal.

Steven Devine uses his night-vision video camera to keep an eye on his two year old son. But one night it appeared something else was keeping an eye on the boy too. "You see it's kind of curled," Divine said pointing to the black and white image on his computer screen.

The camera is mounted in the upper corner of the room, right next to the door leading to a hallway. In the video a crib is clearly visible. After a few seconds, what looks like a tube of light apparently appears in front of the crib, moves toward the back of the room and disappears off camera.

Seconds later, the video shows an even brighter line of glowing balls, connected by a line of light, moving across the upper portion of the screen. "It will come down and you'll see like these round balls wanting to come down," Divine said.

Divine says that isn't the only odd occurrence he's seen in the room. Almost every night after his son's second birthday the night-vision camera picked up strange lights. "We cut all the lights off in the house," recalled Divine. "We put towels under the doors. And you couldn't see your hand if you touched your nose."

Despite the couple having blackout shades on the windows, the lights still showed up on the nanny cam.

And there are times when the two-year old appears to see something. "A couple of times when he was sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book to him, that he'd point around the room but we didn't know what he was pointing at," said Divine.

The light seems to retreat or disappear when the parents check in on the child. Now, after months of seeing it, the lights seldom seem to move around much.

"Only when I let strangers in," Divine said. "We've come to the conclusion they're used to us. I figure it's there for a reason. I think it's somebody looking over him."

Divine says he and his wife aren't the only people who've seen the strange lights. He claims that more than two dozen other people have witnessed them as well.

Source : http://cbs11tv.com/watercooler/ghosts.ghost.paranormal.2.1895944.html
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