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Des scientifiques russes déclarent avoir découvert les restes de Nesski

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Des scientifiques russes déclarent avoir découvert les restes de Nesski

Message par Apollyôn le Mer 6 Fév - 23:50

Could it be Nesski? Russian scientists claim to have found remains of 'Siberian Loch Ness monster'
Divers say underwater scanner picked up jaws and skeleton of beast
Tales of creature measuring 33 feet nicknamed 'the Devil' in Lake Labynkyr predate Loch Ness monster

Russian scientists claim to have spotted the ‘jaws and skeleton’ of a mystery creature which could be 'the Siberian Loch Ness monster’.
Divers braved temperatures of minus 42C to investigate long-held beliefs that a monster lives at the bottom of the remote Lake Labynkyr 4,500 miles east of Moscow in the Siberian wilderness.
And the geologists told local media their underwater scanner found the remains of a jaws and skeleton which could be the rumoured beast nicknamed 'the Devil'.

'There have been all sort of hypothesises about what kind of creature it could be: a giant pike, a relic reptile or an amphibia. We didn't manage to prove or to disprove these versions..... we managed to find remains of jaws and skeleton of some animal,' Viktor Tverdokhlebov told the Siberian Times.

Tales of a monster measuring up to 33 feet in length predate the accounts of Nessie in Scotland, say Russian academics.
Last year a picture emerged which appeared to show 'Nesski' poking her head out of the water.
Top diver Dmitry Shiller led a Russian Geographical Society mission to one of the world’s most mysterious lakes which is an average 170ft in depth but has an underwater crevice reaching down to 262ft.

The lake puzzles scientists because unlike millions of others in Siberia it does not freeze solid in winter but maintains a temperature of at least plus 2C on the surface. More than 3,000 ft above sea level, it is in the same district as Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited village on earth.
Native Evenk and Yakut people have long claimed a ‘Nesski’ lurks in its depths.
Known as ‘the Devil’, testimony dating back to the 19th century says the monster has enormous jaws.
Images have also recently emerged from a 2006 scientific trip to the lake when strange objects - one of 21ft 4in (6.5 metres) in length - were recorded on a Hummingbird Piranha MAX 215 Portable fish-finder at a depth of 138 to 197 feet.

'It was our fourth or fifth day at the lake when our echo sounding device registered a huge object in the water under our boat,' said Associate Professor Lyudmila Emeliyanova, of Moscow State University, of her own close encounter a decade ago.
It was clearly alive and too large to be one of the dozen or so known fish species in the lake.
'The object was very dense, of homogeneous structure, surely not a fish nor a shoal of fish, and it was above the bottom,' she said.
'I was very surprised but not scared nor shocked, after all we did not see this animal, we only registered a strange object in the water. But I can clearly say - at the moment, as a scientist, I cannot offer you any explanation of what this object might be.'

Evidence: Scientists found a strange large object using their echo device in 2006, left, and made an artist's impression, right, of how they believe the creature might look
source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2273182/Russian-scientists-claim-remains-Siberian-Loch-Ness-monster.html#axzz2K2SyRqz6

On parle également de cette créature ici : http://www.ufologie-paranormal.org/t10601-un-monstre-marin-apercu-en-siberie


À côté, rien ne demeure. Autour des ruines
De cette colossale épave, infinis et nus,
Les sables monotones et solitaires s’étendent au loin.

Le vainqueur gagne un pèlerinage sur la tombe de Felix Faure.
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